Our Services

Our Services

About Us

Stalic Real Estate Limited is a professional firm duly incorporated under the Companies Act Cap 486 Laws of Kenya

The firm specializes in offering letting services, property management, and sale of residential and commercial properties in Kenya.

Our vision is to be the preferred real estate and managing agent in Kenya who upholds highest level of professionalism and integrity. Our mission is to manage estates and development projects efficiently within a professional, caring system that surpass our client’s needs and expectations, through our quality customer focused services. Our core values are unity of purpose, dedication to customer care, professionalism, integrity, accountability, teamwork, communication, and flexibility.


Our main services comprise:

1.  Management of Common Areas and Facilities

There is a growing number of apartment blocks and town houses and other gated estates that are owned corporately or by different people. These properties are registered under the Sectional Properties Act, 1987 No. 21 of 1987 Laws of Kenya. Management of the shared areas and services in these estates is usually a problem in many neighborhoods. Resident committees in these are composed of volunteers who may understandably not be able to handle the routine tasks of management over and above their personal endeavours. Yet the value of these estates is extricably tied to the management of the shared areas. Stalic Real Estate has developed systems to help resident committees take off the burden of service charge collection, accounting, budgeting, contracting services, repairs and maintenance, arranging meetings, communications among other tasks. But most importantly we work with resident committees to boost cohesion, harmonize interests and strategic planning, maintenance of pleasant living environment. This boosts the value of the overall estate and individual properties as well, in addition to making it clean, calm and enjoyable place to call home

2.  Property Management

We provide customized first-class property management services for individual clients or companies all over Nairobi Metropolitan. Majority our clients are Kenyans living abroad (Diasporians). Today more than ever, Kenyans living or working abroad are investing heavily back at home, especially in real estate. Most leave their properties under the watch of relatives or neighbours who are busy and oftenly overwhelmed by their own affairs. This often lead to losses, unaccountability and mis-reporting. We have a tailor-made package for accountable management of such properties that include property inspection, letting, tenant liaison, rental collection, monthly reporting and property maintenance. Some of our Diaspora clients were referred to us through emails, and we have served them for years and they are happy with our services. We take pride in our key core values of integrity and professionalism.

3.  Property Development and Sales

We buy land, add value (e.g. sub-division hence making it more affordable, make roads, put water and electricity) and sell. We are targeting to start developing residential Apartments for sale soon. We also sell properties on behalf of individual clients and developers.